Caterpillar emphasises commitment to FG Wilson

FG Wilson's Monkstown plant. INNT 27-027-FP
FG Wilson's Monkstown plant. INNT 27-027-FP

The legal entity of Monkstown-based FG Wilson (Engineering) Limited will change its name to Caterpillar (NI) Limited from Monday, January 28.

The transition will create a more visible link between Caterpillar’s manufacturing facilities in Northern Ireland and the wider group, providing greater clarity for the local community, prospective employees, the company’s distribution network and customers.

Caterpillar says the name change will also recognise the additional Caterpillar divisions currently operating in Northern Ireland and is part of a strategy to grow new business at the local sites. Signage in Larne, Monkstown, Springvale and Millennium Way will change over the next few weeks.

Caterpillar Northern Ireland operations director, Robert Kennedy, says the move emphasises Caterpillar’s commitment to Northern Ireland and is a natural progression that has been in the planning for some time.

“This will bring a range of benefits for the Caterpillar operations in Northern Ireland when it comes to recruiting staff, communicating Caterpillar employment opportunities to current employees, dealing efficiently with suppliers and stakeholders, increased Cat and FG Wilson customer visits and effectively communicating the nature of the organisation and its integral role in Caterpillar’s Electric Power Division,” he commented.

“But whilst the legal name of the company will change, the FG Wilson name will remain a key part of our history and heritage and indeed our future. That’s because Caterpillar will continue to produce the range of leading products that carry the FG Wilson brand and those products will continue to be a key part of our global Electric Power strategy,” Mr Kennedy added.

Tony McAllister, FG Wilson director, says the change is part of a larger initiative to enhance and strengthen the FG Wilson brand and business in the global marketplace.

“We recognise our loyal customers of FG Wilson products and the value they have come to expect from us. We will continue to meet the needs of our customers and demonstrate our pride in the FG Wilson name by strengthening the FG Wilson brand in the global marketplace.”

Caterpillar has owned FG Wilson (Engineering) Limited since 1999 and made the business an integral part of the Caterpillar Electric Power Division in 2005.