Cats die following suspected poisoning in Ballyclare

Oscar and Archie. INNT 28-815CON
Oscar and Archie. INNT 28-815CON

Residents in Ballyclare are being urged to ensure chemicals are stored securely following the deaths of two cats in the town.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “On Sunday, July 10 police received a report of the suspected poisoning of two cats in the Victoria Gardens area. It is not known at this stage if this was a deliberate act or an accident. Police would point out that household chemicals can be lethal when consumed by cats and we would urge local residents to ensure all chemicals are stored securely and are not accessible.”

Chloe-Louise Cherry, whose family owned the two cats that died, said: “Oscar and Archie were our beloved family pets. It is heartbreaking that they are dead. We are praying that they died accidentally and that they weren’t poisoned deliberately. I would urge people to please be careful with their animals.”

Cllr David Arthurs said: “If it’s deliberate, it’s a disgrace someone would do that to somebody else’s pet. If anyone has any information they should report it to the police. If it was an accident, I’d urge residents to be wary of the household substances they’re using, as they can be lethal when consumed by any animal.”

Pet owners voiced their concerns about the deaths of the animals on social media.