‘Check your postcode for Broadband upgrade’ East Antrim residents told

Ald Gerardine Mulvenna.
Ald Gerardine Mulvenna.

Alliance councillor Gerardine Mulvenna has urged East Antrim residents to ensure their homes are within a Broadband improvement area.

With the Department of the Economy in the process of mapping out areas across Northern Ireland where it intends to make improvements to Broadband, Cllr. Mulvenna said now is the time to check to ensure no homes or businesses have been left out.

She added: “The check only takes a minute. You simply input your postcode and the system will confirm if you are within an area already identified for improvement. If your postcode is not within an area of improvement, you are then asked to contact the Department to highlight the problem.”

To ensure your area is included in the programme please check your postcode at https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/services/check-your-postcodes-listed-broadband-improvement