Children ‘Going for Gold’ at Ballyhenry Presbyterian

BALLYHENRY Presbyterian Church enjoyed a hugely successful summer after its annual Holiday Bible Club and its very popular meet the neighbours event at the weekend.

Between August 13 and 17 the church held its annual Holiday Bible Club. It was a huge success, being open to children in the local community between the ages of five and 11.

The theme for the week was ‘Going for Gold’ and during the camp the children were told stories about Jesus; His healings, death, resurrection and ascension into heaven from Luke’s gospel and each child was invited to discover more about Jesus.

The programme was explored drawing on the recent phenomenon of the Olympics, where the children learnt about Jesus through the roles of those involved with sports, such as coach, physio, substitute and gold medallist.

The action-packed club had over 30 volunteers from the church under the leadership of Stephen Fleck.

Throughout the week, 160 children were registered and the evening began with Olympic training - or games as it was otherwise known.

The main programme began with Stephen welcoming everyone, before Lisa Holmes and Lorna Morrison introduced the evening’s theme through a short sketch involving sporting themes which provided the foundation for the stories told later in the evening.

The children were also taught songs and a variety memory verses.

After refreshments, crafts were completed relating to the story, leading to a quiz.

Reverend Niall Lockhart said: “A large motivation behind the Holiday Bible Club was engaging with the community and local children, getting to know them and presenting the gospel in an environment filled with fun and enthusiasm and was an excellent opportunity to teach children from all backgrounds.”

Following the Holiday Club, the church held a ‘Meet the Neighbours’ day on Saturday, August 18.

This was a very successful afternoon which was bathed in glorious sunshine and was enjoyed by people throughout the local community.

Co-ordinated by Noeleen Magee, the completely free fun-day included bouncy castles, puppet shows, craft, face-painting and a barbecue.

Niall added: “We also had a petting farm which featured Shetland ponies, pigs and a llama and several community organisations attended, such as the fire service, Teen Challenge and the Gis a Hug Foundation.

“Meet the Neighbours, like in previous years, demonstrates the close bond between Ballyhenry and the community and encourages our church and community to work together in an exciting atmosphere which was enjoyed by all who volunteered and attended.”