Clarke voices reservations about new UUP leader

SOUTH Antrim MLA Trevor Clarke has expressed reservations about the appointment of Mike Nesbitt as the new leader of the Ulster Unionist Party.

“Mr Nesbitt has indicated he would ‘never say never’ to discussing possible electoral pacts with the DUP, but he has ruled out any formal association,” Mr Clarke said. “It sounds to me like the same old UUP direction. It is time that the leadership put the Union first and opened the door to Unionist unity for the good of the province.”

The DUP man added: “It is disappointing that once again, the UUP seem to be determined to ‘defeat’ the DUP, and increase their own power and prosperity. The Unionist people of Northern Ireland are more interested in remaining part of the UK, and availing of the many advantages we gain as being members of the Union. These people tell me that the want to see unity between the DUP and UUP, so making the Union stronger, but it seems that a new leader will not bring a new approach.”