Closure plan sends out a bad message, says Webb

NEWTOWNABBEY councillor Billy Webb has urged the University of Ulster to change its mind on a plan to close its creche facilities at the Jordanstown campus.

The Macedon representative said to close the facility would send the wrong message to prospective students who are also parents.

The Alliance representative added: “There was a previous plan in 2009 to close this facility and hundreds responded to the consultation process carried out then, resulting in a change of opinion.

“I accept that the childcare facilities are running at a loss, but the answer is not to deny the students an on-site facility, it is to address the £140,000 per annum loss which was identified in 2009.

“Surely the UUJ has taken steps since 2009 to reduce the costs, put in place a proper management structure and improve the ratio of staff to children which on occasions, and particularly in the summer months, has seen almost as many staff as children. To remove the creche sends out a vbad message to people with children who might consider enrolling.”