Collection review after youths use recyclables for ammunition in riots

Cllr Mark Cosgrove
Cllr Mark Cosgrove

THE council is to consider changes to recycling collection times after Glengormley residents said rioting youths were using materials in kerbies as weapons.

At Monday night’s meeting of the council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Mark Cosgrove said materials in kerbie boxes left in the Church Road area overnight were being used in clashes between warring factions.

He told the meeting: “We are all well aware of the ongoing problem of anti-social behaviour in Glengormley at nights.

“Residents have told me that in a number of clashes youths have used glass bottles, left out for early morning collection in kerbie boxes, as weapons and missiles to throw at each other.

“Apart from the obvious danger this can cause there is also broken glass left strewn across the roads and grassy areas.

“I would ask for the council to look at recycling collection times so that residents in the area can leave their boxes out in the morning instead of overnight.”

Hugh Kelly, the council’s Director of Environmental Services said he would discuss the matter with Bryson House, the organisation responsible for recycling collections.

He added: “In the past we have made arrangements for collections to be made earlier or later. We can tailor the collections to suit the circumstances and we will consider it for these areas.”