Committee ponders potential names for new super council area

Latest council news.
Latest council news.

A council committee has recommended that the new super council should continue to use the name ‘Antrim and Newtownabbey District Council’.

Governance Committee members considered a number of options at their October meeting, but agreed that the current name was the “strongest and most appropriate choice to move into the new era with.”

The committee took its decision after consideration of a list of 28 possible names suggested by council staff and elected members.

Potential names included South Antrim District Council, Loughshore District Council and Six Mile Valley Council. Other interesting suggestions included Anew District Council, Antabbey District Council, Newtownantrim District Council, Newtrim Borough Council, Towerbawn Borough Council, Trimnew District Council, Dalriada District Council, Castleabbey Borough Council and River of the Rushes District Council.

Speaking after the meeting, Presiding Councillor Mandy Girvan and Deputy Presiding Councillor Mervyn Rea issued a statement about the committee’s decision.

“In considering all the options we wanted ensure that our citizens continue to identify with the new council area and also that those looking in from outside the area are able to place the council location geographically,” they said.

“This recommendation will go to the monthly meeting of the council for approval. Once the decision is made, it will allow us to start to develop our new corporate branding and we will be looking at this in-house with our professional design team.”

The next full shadow council meeting is scheduled to take place at Mossley Mill on Thursday, October 23.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the local authority - which will replace the existing Antrim and Newtownabbey Councils from April 1 next year - has confirmed that a decision on whether or not the new council will apply for borough status will be taken at a later date, once all the necessary legislation is in place.