Council launches second consultation process

THE council has launched a second consultation exercise to identify community issues in Glengormley.

A range of local representatives including residents, community groups, agencies and council officials recently attended an information session in Glengormley Pavilion.

The event was hosted by Newtownabbey Council and the CAN PEACE III Partnership to launch the Mapping Meaningful Solutions (MMS) Programme.

The programme aims to explore and develop cohesion and shared space within the Carrickfergus, Antrim and Newtownabbey (CAN) region by working in up to 24 different areas.

As the first phase of the programme, Groundwork NI has been appointed to carry out a comprehensive mapping and consultation exercise in a number of areas, the first of which is Glengormley town Centre and Lilian Bland Community Park.

The mapping exercise will identify community issues and community spaces. Subsequently, the programme will actively support communities in the target areas affected to develop and participate in appropriate peace building activities.

Newtownabbey Borough Council is encouraging the public to engage in the consultation aspect of the MMS Programme.

Beverley Todd, MMS Project Officer said: “We would call on any individuals, groups and agencies from the Glengormley area to engage with Groundwork NI throughout the mapping process.

“We believe that the greater the engagement in the mapping process the more opportunity there is to ensure comprehensive results.”

She added: “I also want to emphasise that no input is irrelevant and we would welcome people from all sectors and locations in the community getting involved in the process and having their say.

“I believe that this is the people of Glengormley’s opportunity to have their voice heard and to have their issues, queries and concerns recognised.”

For more information on the MMS Programme contact Beverley Todd on Tel: 9034 0009 or 077759 15961 or email