Council moo-ves forward with ‘CowParade’ plans

One of the CowParade cows in Brazil that was sponsored by Fiat. INNT 48-230-CON
One of the CowParade cows in Brazil that was sponsored by Fiat. INNT 48-230-CON

NEWTOWNABBEY Borough Council is set to fork out £7,000 on two fibreglass cows as public art exhibits.

The CowParade breed of cattle are part of an international public art programme that has featured in several cities across the globe.

The lifesize sculptures are decorated by artists, often featuring designs specific to local culture and other relevant themes. There are a few variations of shape, but the three most common shapes of cow were created by Pascal Knapp, a Swiss-born sculptor who was commissioned to create the cows specifically for the CowParade series of events. He owns the copyrights to the standing, lying and grazing cow shapes that are used in CowParade events.

After the exhibition, which lasts many months, the cows are auctioned off and the profits donated to charity.

The council’s decision to engage in the CowParade Northern Ireland scheme was debated till the cows came home at two recent Environment Committee meetings and again at the full council meeting held on Monday night, November 28.

Despite lack of enthusiasm for the plans by some members at November’s Development Committee meeting, an amendment and a poll vote decided that two cows be sponsored in CowParade Northern Ireland at a cost of £7,000, sponsorship to the value of 25 per cent of the cost be sought from local businesses, and a report submitted to a future meeting of the committee.

Speaking at the full council meeting on Monday, DUP councillor Robert Hill voiced his objections to the council following the pro CowParade herd.

“If I could comment on the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease that must have infected the chamber during our last Development Committee meeting and ask members to reflect on the decision they made on the CowParade item,” he said.

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