Council takes steps to halt Knotweed ‘invasion’

NEWTOWNABBEY Borough Council has confirmed that it is taking steps to control and eradicate Japanese Knotweed found growing in Threemilewater Park.

Japanese Knotweed is a non-native, invasive species introduced into the UK as an ornamental garden plant in the mid-nineteenth century. The fast-growing plant has since spread across the country and can destroy other vegetation and even cause structural damage to properties.

The responsibility for managing the invasive species lies with the landowner.

“Where strands of Japanese Knotweed are found on council land, steps are taken to control and eradicate it. It spreads prolifically and readily and must be treated on site and not removed,” a council spokesperson commented.

Councillor Tom Campbell, who represents the University area, urged local householders to be aware of the potential problems that can be caused by Japanese Knotweed.

“This plant is so invasive that it can push up concrete and can make a house unsellable, as happened recently in England in a case where the purchaser of a house withdrew from the sale when it became known on a survey that the garden had Japanese Knotweed. According to experts its aggressive growth pattern will destroy other plants and foliage and also concrete, tarmac, brick walls and foundations,” he said.

For more information about Japanese Knotweed log on to or contact the council on 9034 0069.