Council to extend CCTV coverage

NEWTOWNABBEY Council is moving ahead with plans to expand its CCTV camera network in a bid to combat anti-social behaviour.

The local authority is hoping to install new security cameras in Glengormley and at the roundabout beside Abbeycentre - areas where sectarian violence and anti-social behaviour have become a major problem, particularly during the summer months.

Residents of Church Road and Glebe Road West in Glengormley, who have been suffering at the hands of teenage yobs for many years, have been calling for action to put a stop to the trouble once and for all.

Now it seems the council is responding to those pleas, and is looking at extending its CCTV coverage in the area by erecting a camera near the Mace convenience store.

It’s understood the proposed new ‘eye in the sky’ will cover Glebe Road West and several surrounding streets which have become ‘anti-social behaviour hot-spots’ in recent years.

Several local elected representatives, police officers and council officials met in the area on Tuesday (February 15) to discuss the logistics of installing a new security camera at the location.

One Glebe Road resident, who didn’t want to be named, said he was delighted with the move to bring CCTV coverage to the area.

“The residents around here will be very happy to see this. We’ve wanted something done about this problem for years, so hopefully now they (police and politicians) are actually doing something about it. I don’t know if one CCTV camera will put a stop to the trouble, but it’s better than nothing. Hopefully they’ll have it up and working before the summer when the trouble gets really bad,” he told the Times.

Alliance representative Billy Webb, whose proposal for increased CCTV coverage was supported by councillors last month, welcomed the progress of the scheme.

“There will be a review of the current CCTV provision in the Glebe Road/Church Road area so that there will be maximum coverage. The additional scheme is subject to planning permission, and other approvals, but I have no doubt it will proceed.

“The camera at Abbeycentre will not only improve security for those living nearby, it will also assist the traders. Accordingly, I have asked the council to seek a contribution from them towards the cost of the scheme,” the Macedon councillor commented.

A spokesperson for Newtownabbey Borough Council confirmed that funding for the two additional cameras has been included in the council’s estimates, but added that both projects are still subject to planning approval.