Council to make weighty investment

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NEWTOWNABBEY Borough Council is set to spend over £7,000 on providing equipment for use by the Northern Ireland Powerlifting Federation (NIPF) for a series of international events over the next four years.

It’s hoped the funding will help build a relationship between the council and the Federation, and contribute to the establishment of a centre of excellence for powerlifting in the borough.

The equipment will first be used at a four nations tournament scheduled to be held in Corr’s Corner Hotel later this year.

The funding, approved at last week’s Leisure Committee meeting, will provide a boost to the area, councillors said.

Alderman Paul Girvan said: “Some may see this as an extravagant spend by the council, but the spin-offs for the borough will be great.

“We are getting a good bang for our buck. There will be people spending nights in Corr’s, so that is a boost.

“But people will be visiting the borough for more than just the one day, which will benefit local businesses and there is good shopping in the Abbey Centre so they will be spending their money in the borough rather than in other areas.”

The committee’s decision still has to be ratified when the full council meets on Monday, March 25.