Council to trial new recycling system and smaller bins

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The council is finalising plans to trial a new ‘triple stack’ recycling system at 4,000 properties across the borough.

The trial, which is due to commence in mid August, will see some residents issued with three new recycling boxes stacked on a trolley, and smaller 180 litre bins instead of the current black wheelie bins, which have a 240 litre capacity.

The aim of the initiative is to encourage householders to recycle more, and reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Five areas will be involved in the initial trial - Elmfield and Colinward; Ferndale, Richmond, Burnthill and Abernethy; Hedgelea, The Brambles and Oaklands; New Mossley; Sixmile, Henryville and Collinview.

The council has confirmed that it has secured £8,000 from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency to carry out promotional activities ahead of the trial.

More information about the initiative will be provided to individual households within the trial area over the coming weeks.