Council trying to locate ‘bird scarer’

Council officials are currently trying to locate the 'bird scarer' device.
Council officials are currently trying to locate the 'bird scarer' device.

Council officers are attempting to find the source of loud bangs which have disturbed residents and pets in the borough over recent weeks.

A number of residents from Ballyclare took to social media to voice their concerns about the “annoying” blasts, which appear to be caused by a ‘bird scarer’ device.

The Times understands that the sound can be heard in a number of areas across the town.

One person said: “I live on the Doagh Road and it is constantly firing. It really is annoying.”

Commenting on Facebook, another person said: “I live in Grange Valley and I have been hearing it all the time. My dog is scared of it too.”

Explaining the noise was terrifying their pets, one resident said: “My dogs won’t go for a walk in the park because the noise terrifies them. Surely it doesn’t need to be so loud!!!”

Commenting on the issue, a spokesperson for Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council said: “Council received a complaint on July 17. In response, an officer from the council was in contact with the complainant on July 18 to obtain more information in relation to the complaint.

“Furthermore, an officer is currently on site this morning to try and establish the landowner/location of the bird scarer.”

The spokesperson added: “If the bird scarer/landowner is identified, they will be presented with a leaflet to advise them on how to reduce the potential for disturbance to neighbouring residents.

“The majority of land owners are responsible and take this advice on board.”