Councillors debate borough’s future burial site provision

Alderman John Blair
Alderman John Blair

PART of the Valley Park may be used to help reduce the ever growing shortfall of burial space in the borough under plans to be discussed by Newtownabbey councillors.

The council is considering a variety of possible options to address the issue of dwindling grave spaces in the borough.

It is thought that Carnmoney Cemetery may only have enough space left for two more years of burials, while Ballyclare could cope for at least another eight years.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting Newtownabbey councillors were poised to discuss proposals to use part of the Valley Park for the expansion of cemetery provision.

Alliance alderman John Blair said he was opposed to reducing the size of the park to accommodate a new grave site.

He said: “This is an open space for the public and it is important that it is protected.”

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