Creating a buzz at Loughshore

Glengormley comedian, Paul McCarron. INNT 33-059-FP
Glengormley comedian, Paul McCarron. INNT 33-059-FP

GLENGORMLEY comedian Paul McCarron will be putting his own twist on life as one of the featured acts at this year’s Shoreline Festival.

And the 39-year-old is excited to be performing in his second major performance in front of a home crowd after starring at this year’s Ballyclare May Fair.

The Office Manager, who has been on the comedy circuit for the past 18 months, has said he enjoys having to cater to a more family-friendly audience.

He told the Times: “Without doubt it is more difficult putting together an act for a family crowd - there is a lot more pressure to be able to please everyone, young and old.

“But I learned a lot performing with the likes of Gene Fitzpatrick and May McFettridge at the May Fair.

“They were so friendly and talked about their careers with me. I probably learned more in one night from the two of them than any other time.”

Paul describes his comedy as a take on life’s little events, all told with a twist.

He said: “I would compare myself to the likes of English comedian, Mike Miller. He is very dry and at times you are not sure if he is telling the truth or actually joking.

“I like to be dry in my routines - it may not be for everyone, but that’s comedy for you.”

Paul has been trying out a number of different activities as part of a ‘Things to Do Before You’re 40’. In fact he had only planned to do comedy as a one-off, but soon caught the stand-up bug.

“I only was supposed to give it a go, but I enjoyed the first one, and 18 months on I haven’t looked back,” he said.

“I do get nervous before performing. You spend a lot of time putting together a routine and you can never be quite sure how it will go down. But once you get that first laugh, the adrenaline kicks in and you get in a good rhythm.

“Performing is a real buzz for me. I always wished I could play in a band, but comedy is the next best thing.”

As part of his mission to try out new things before he hits his milestone 40th birthday, Paul has also starred in a number of films in minor roles including in the horror flick ‘Splash Area’ which is due out next month.

And he has also completed a trek in Costa Rica to raise money for charity and will be heading out to Cuba for another fundraiser for Action Cancer.

He added: “I really enjoy the charity work and have done a number of comedy shows for various charities and it is something I get a lot from.

“Costa Rica was an amazing experience, you get to experience so much and see exactly where your money goes.”

Paul is appearing at the borough’s Shoreline Festival on Monday, August 27. For more information go to, or search for the festival on Facebook.

Meanwhile, on Friday, September 21, Paul is holding a comedy night with a guest hypnotist in the Thunderdome Cafe in Glengormley for his charity trek to Cuba, with all proceeds going to Action Cancer.

Tickets are available from the Thunderdome and if you would like to book Paul for a charity event email:

To contribute to Paul’s fundraising effort you can also make a donation at