Bail for man charged with attempted murder

Darren Moore. Pic by Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker
Darren Moore. Pic by Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker

A 19-year old Larne man accused of being a “main aggressor” in a group attack on a man in a Co Antrim bar was released on bail today (Friday) - but warned to stay away from the injured party.

Joshua Wylie, from Linn Road, is one of a number of men facing an attempted murder charge after a man in his 40s was attacked by a gang wielding hammers and baseball bats.

The group targeted their victim, Darren Moore, in McConnell’s bar in Doagh on March 15.

During today’s bail application at Belfast’s High Court, a prosecuting barrister said that while police were not objecting to bail, they had asked that a number of stringent conditions be imposed.

Telling Mr Justice Horner that Wylie faces serious charges including attempted murder, the prosecutor revealed several of Wylie’s co-accused have already been released on bail.

The barrister said police viewed Wylie not just as being one of the attackers, but of being a “main aggressor”, adding that Mr Moore sustained serious injuries in the violent assault.

Mr Justice Horner was told: “The key issue in this case is keeping the applicant away from both the injured party, and his co-accused.”

A number of bail conditions sought by the Crown and police were imposed by Mr Justice Horner. These include observing a 10pm to 7am curfew, being tagged, staying out of Ballyclare, reporting to police three times a week and having no contact - either direct or indirect - with Mr Moore.

Wylie’s fiancee was also asked to provide a £800 cash surety, and he was warned that if he breached bail, she would be penalised financially.