Boxing Day ‘feud’ teen turned on police and called officer ‘specky’

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A teenager was involved in, what was described by a defence barrister as, a “feud” amongst young people in Antrim on Boxing Day last year.

Jamie Kinley (18) of Mull Road, Antrim, then began struggling with police and called an officer “specky”.

The defendant also spat in the rear of a cell van and continually headbutted the inside of the vehicle.

A prosecutor told Antrim Magistrates Court on Tuesday police saw a large crowd in Antrim’s Bridge Street area who were surrounding Kinley and a female threw a punch towards the defendant.

The prosecutor said Kinley then struggled with police and called an officer a “specky c--t” and a “black b--tard”.

Defence barrister Aaron Thompson said there had been “a bit of a feud going on between young people in the area.”

He said police tried to help Kinney and get him away from the scene but stupidly, with drink onboard, he “channelled anger at police”.

Mr Thompson said the spitting was “a low act” and his client had also banged his head in the cell van.

Kinley was in court for sentencing on charges of disorderly behaviour; resisting a police officer and causing criminal damage to a police cell van.

Deputy District Judge Peter Prenter put him on Probation for a year with a condition that he attends an anger management course. The judge also imposed 100 hours of Community Service.