Children apologise to frightened pensioner after traffic cone smashes window

Reimbursement for the damage.
Reimbursement for the damage.

Two children have apologised to a pensioner for smashing the living room window of her Coronation Road home in Carrick.

A traffic cone was used during the incident at the home of woman in her eighties earlier this month.

A spokesperson for PSNI Carrickfergus said that the boys have also paid for a replacement living room window.

“Due to the response from the community, suspects were identified.

“We decided that it would be a good lesson for both boys thought to be involved to talk in person to the victim. Although one didn’t actually throw the cone, as he was present and didn’t stop it or offer assistance, he offered his apologies.

“The other boy fully admitted throwing the cone and genuinely apologised in person to the victim and in writing.

“The victim was able to tell both boys how their actions made her feel but accepted their apology and wished them both well for the future.

“The damage has been paid for by both involved and the boy that threw the cone was issued a Community Resolution Notice by myself for criminal damage. I have explained that the only reason that he has been issued the CRN is due to the genuine remorse shown for his actions.

“Involvement of the parents of both boys has been crucial in this process. They were present tonight with their sons and also offered their apologies to the victim. They have facilitated this process by working with us to ensure their children learn the impact of their actions on others.

“Children will make mistakes and this appeared to be a joke that went terribly wrong, however watching them both tonight I hope this process helps them as much as it has the victim.”