Community Rescue Service attacked on Shore Road

The damage was caused on July 15.
The damage was caused on July 15.

Volunteers from the Community Rescue Service (CRS) Belfast District escaped injury on Monday night after their vehicle was attacked in the Shore Road area.

The unit had been giving a talk to members of the congregation at Newtownabbey Elim Pentecostal Church about the work of the CRS, before travelling back to their base.

Detailing the incident in a post on social media on July 15, a spokesperson for the service said: “On returning to the unit along the Shore Road, someone took it into their head to lob a large piece of wood at the front of our vehicle, which smashed the windscreen.

“We know whoever did this is not representative of the communities along the road and they probably never even thought of the consequences of their actions. Thankfully, none of our volunteers were injured.

“We have our vehicles thanks to the generosity of the public, added to which the fuel and maintenance for them comes directly from donations from our communities, including from the good folk in the community where the perpetrators live.”

The spokesperson added: “Our vehicles are of extreme importance as they are used to transport our volunteers and equipment when a vulnerable person and their families need our help. This action has now placed one of our search and rescue vehicles off the road until we can have it repaired.

“We would ask that people, especially younger folk just to take a wee minute to think before doing something like this. That emergency vehicle is needed to help another person - and the next time it might be to help you or someone you know.”

Providing a positive update on social media last night, the spokesperson said: “We would like to send our thanks to Murray and Martin, M&M The Windscreenmen for their generosity in replacing the broken windscreen at no cost.”