Drink driver detained by police

PSNI check point.
PSNI check point.

Police arrested a man who was almost twice the legal limit over the weekend.

Detailing the incident in a post on the PSNI Newtownabbey Facebook page yesterday, a police spokesperson said: “With one hour left of shift, we thought the message was getting through as everyone had passed the breath tests.

“Then whilst waiting in a queue of traffic, a very smart person decided they didn’t like the look of the queue and chose to use the empty bus lane.

“Unlucky for him there were two police cars waiting patiently in the queue.

“Needless to say he was stopped and spoken to. When asked to provide a specimen of breath he refused. Unfortunately for him it has the same consequence as failing the breath test.”

The spokesperson added: “He was arrested and brought to custody. He has since been put on to the evidential machine and given a sample almost twice the legal limit.

“He will be in court early in the new year where he is guaranteed to lose his licence for a minimum of a year.

“Not the sort of present anyone wants, but one we are more than happy to give out. Never ever drink and drive. It’s really not worth it!”