Girl jumped from platform and ran across rail tracks in Carrickfergus

Translink is warning of the dangers of trespassing after a train had to make an abrupt stop during a weekend incident in Carrickfergus.

Police were aboard the train at Clipperstown on Saturday, December 21.

Police were alerted to the incident by the train driver. (PSNI image).

Police were alerted to the incident by the train driver. (PSNI image).

The PSNI said they were alerted to the issue after “heavy braking” by the driver who then pointed out a girl had jumped off the platform, run across two rail lines and up on the other side to see friends.

A police spokesperson said: “It would have taken less than a minute to walk up the steps and over the bridge to see her friends safely.

“We have spoken to her and NIR will be in touch about a breach of railway byelaws.

“Parents please speak to your children about crossing railways - this could easily have been a catastrophic incident last night.

“We had to call a parent last night to tell them what had happened it could have been a very different call.”

Confirming the incident, a Translink spokesperson said: “We would again remind people that using the railway tracks as a shortcut is extremely dangerous and can have very serious consequences.

“Access to tracks is also trespass and we actively pursue those who engage in this type of behaviour with a view to prosecution.

“We undertake on-going education and information campaigns, including in-school activity, advising of and encouraging, safe use of railways and we would urge young people to consider the consequences of their actions.”