Laser shone at aircraft

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Police are investigating after a laser was shone at an aircraft in the region last night.

It is understood the incident occurred at approximately 9:45pm on August 27.

Chief Inspector Mark McClarence said: “We believe the laser was used in the Shore Road area of Newtownabbey.

“Lasers can cause temporary blindness and where airline pilots are concerned, their use could result in a catastrophe and possibly lead to significant loss of life.

“Not only is it an offence under the Air Navigation Order to endanger aircraft, but it is highly irresponsible and dangerous.”

Chief Inspector McClarence added: “Those involved in this type of activity need to be mindful of the impact their behaviour could have. If there is loss of life as a result of this behaviour, those involved could not only face charges of being in possession of a dangerous weapon, but could also end up facing manslaughter charges.

“It is easy to say retrospectively, ‘I never intended for that to happen’, but when you are aware of the risks and wilfully use these devices, you must be prepared to face the consequences.”