Man fined for waving his genitals about in the street


A man stripped naked and waved his genitals about in the street after being brought home by police from a birthday night out, a court heard today.

Porter, of Fernagh Parade, was convicted of disorderly behaviour and exposure.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard police found him drunk and wearing just shorts and shoes in the Glenville Road area early on June 16.

According to a prosecution lawyer, when officers took Porter home he got out of their vehicle and began shouting obscenities in the street.

“He took off his shorts, exposing his genitals and ran around naked,” the lawyer continued.

Porter’s father made an unsuccessful attempt to calm him down.

District Judge McCourt was told the defendant took his penis in his hand and proceeded to wave it about.

Defence barrister Luke Curran stressed there is no suggestion of any sexual element to his client’s behaviour.

He said Porter had been out after turning 23 and was trying to find his own way home “at the end of a long evening”.

“His family were mortified, it was effectively on their doorstep,” counsel added.

Imposing a £300 fine for the exposure, and a further £150 for the disorderly behaviour, Judge McCourt told Porter: “You are a stupid man doing this, drink or drugs on board doesn’t do you any good.

“You have caused embarrassment not only to yourself but your parents.”