‘Older’ residents targeted by scammers

Advice has been issued by NI Direct after three women in the borough were contacted by con artists claiming to be from their bank.

Detailing the incidents, a Scam Wise NI spokesperson said: “If you receive either an automated call or a call from someone claiming to be from your bank about a suspicious transaction of £600 on your account – be careful!

Advice has been issued.

Advice has been issued.

“Danske Bank UK have got in touch with us to advise they’ve received a lot of reports about this from their customers. This is a ‘vishing’ scam where scammers want you to surrender personal information about yourself to con you out of your money!

“Three older ladies in the Antrim and Newtownabbey areas have received this type of phone call. All three ladies were contacted by telephone and advised that £600 had been withdrawn from accounts they had with Danske Bank.

“The caller stated she needed to confirm some security details and asked for their bank details. Luckily all three ladies were ‘scam wise’ and cleared the line and contacted their banks before disclosing their much sought after details.

“If you get a call like this, hang up and contact your bank directly on the telephone number provided on the back of your card.”