Pipe bomb attack condemned

Cllr Stephen Ross.
Cllr Stephen Ross.

Local Assembly election candidates have hit out at those responsible for a pipe bomb attack in the Mill Road area on Saturday, February 18.

Robert Foster, the Ulster Unionist Party’s North Belfast Assembly candidate, has condemned the person or persons responsible for the throwing of a pipe bomb into the Abbey Business Park in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Robert said: “There is something badly wrong with anyone who would throw a pipe bomb in a business park, close to a heavily populated area, but that is exactly what someone chose to do at approximately 1am on Saturday morning at the Abbey Business Park.

“The people of north Belfast want to see progress in terms of creating jobs, improving the Health service and increasing educational attainment for our children and young people.

“The individual or group behind this pipe bomb has nothing positive to offer to anyone in terms of a better future. Whoever was behind this needs to be caught, brought before the courts and jailed, and I urge anyone who can assist the Police, to do so immediately.”

East Antrim DUP Assembly candidate, Cllr Stephen Ross said: “Anyone who makes and then brings onto the street this, or any other type of device offers nothing to our future and must be condemned.”