Police appeal after youths set off fireworks in Ballyclare

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Police are urging anyone with information about the illegal supply of fireworks after recent anti-social behaviour in Ballyclare.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “We are now starting to get reports of anti-social behaviour involving youths letting off fireworks in built up areas Ballyclare.

“With Hallowe’en approaching fast, we would ask all our followers to report the sale of these unregulated dangerous items to local youths often by members of the community who hope to make a few quid moving these on to local teenagers.

“Last year we recovered fireworks in house search which were brought in from China and being sold to children in one area of Newtownabbey which were in a dangerous condition.

“Contact your local neighbourhood patrol units in either Newtownabbey or Antrim if you have any information in relation to illegal supply.”