Police contacted over scramblers

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A local councillor has branded the young people who illegally use off-road vehicles in the region as a “curse and a nuisance.”

Traditional Unionist Voice representative, Cllr David Hollis made the remarks in the wake of recent incidents in the Rush Park and Abbots Cross areas.

Speaking to the Times, Macedon DEA representative, Cllr Hollis said: “I have been in touch with the police who said they will monitor the situation and take appropriate action if they can catch the offenders.

“I will also contact the Northern Health and Social Services Board (NHSSB) to see what they can do, but I would not have high hopes of any immediate action.

“These young people are a curse and a nuisance as the noise from the machines is ear-splitting and goes on for hours.”

A concerned resident contacted the Times to highlight the issue, which they said has become worse with the recent good weather, longer nights and Bank Holiday weekend.

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous said: “This has been ongoing for sometime, with children and young people being involved. They have been riding the machines around the Rush Park and Abbots Cross areas and it is getting out of hand.

“With the recent good weather, it has been getting worse for residents due to the noise coming from the bikes and quads and the prolonged periods the people are using them.

“There is also a safety concern for both residents and the riders and something needs to be done before someone is seriously injured.”

Commenting on the issue, a spokesperson for Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council said: “Council has not received any reports of the use of scramblers and quads in the Rush Park area in recent days.

“The council does not have any powers to confiscate off-road vehicles or impose any penalties, this would be the responsibility of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.”