Police issue warning after quad bike seized

Ashford Lodge. Pic by Google.
Ashford Lodge. Pic by Google.

Police have issued an appeal on social media, detailing the consequences of using off-road vehicles illegally in the borough.

A police spokesperson said: “Folks once again we find ourselves posting information on scrambler and quad use. It may be fun and exciting to use such vehicles but it is important to understand that any action has a consequence.

“These vehicles are dangerous and can all to often end in serious or fatal injuries being sustained by the users or innocent pedestrians.

“Be sure that if you are observed and identified by police for using such vehicles without the appropriate legislative requirements in place, your nice shiny quad or scrambler will be coming with us.

In Newtownabbey we are receiving increased reports of such vehicles being used on Carnmoney Hill. Only this evening (May 18) a quad was seized for no insurance in the Ashford Lodge area.”

Urging the public to report any such use, the A Section LPT spokesperson added: “If you see any of these vehicles being used report it to us so we can take positive action and keep people safe. It is important to note descriptions, times and locations.

“These vehicles can equally fall under the Causing Alarm, Distress or Annoyance legislation - Article 65 Criminal Justice (NI) Order 2008.

“Please exercise caution when using these vehicles and have the appropriate legislative and safety measures in place.”