Residents ‘weigh in’ with jibes after PSNI donut post

Police donuts. INNT 41-827CON
Police donuts. INNT 41-827CON

There has been a mixed response to a post on the PSNI Newtownabbey Facebook page after officers uploaded a picture of donuts at the station.

The picture is accompanied by the line, “This is what happens when you’re late for briefing and have to make it up to the team.”

One angry commentator said: “I’m glad they have nothing better to do than eat donuts then get new uniforms because they are too fat.”

Another person stated: “Lmao way to play up to stereotypes!”

A disgruntled resident added: “Good policing guys. I’m sure the community feels safe that you are stuffing your bakes with doughnuts!”

It wasn’t all negative comments however, as one person commented: “Loving the angry ones, you must never get breaks or have meetings in work.”

Another Facebook follower said: “Enjoy guys, they look yummy.”