Theft of cash being probed

ASDA Ballyclare. Pic by Google.
ASDA Ballyclare. Pic by Google.

Police have launched an appeal to help trace two people who took money from a customer in ASDA Ballyclare.

Detailing the incident, a police spokesperson said: “On Saturday, February 10 at approximately 8.55am, a lady who was shopping in ASDA Ballyclare forgot to lift the £50 she withdrew using the cashback facility at the self-service tills.

“Fortunately for all concerned, this area is very well covered by CCTV and staff were able to show (very clearly) the male and female who attended the same self-service till immediately after the forgetful lady.

“We’ve taken possession of a copy of that CCTV footage should we need it to aid our enquiries.”

The spokesperson added: “Police would therefore be most grateful if one or both of the individuals make contact with us on 101, or call into ASDA and speak with staff with a view to reuniting the £50 with its owner.

“It’s not always a case of finders keepers, losers weepers. Quote reference number 525 of 10/02/18.”