Wilson commends security services following London attack

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson.
East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson.

East Antrim DUP General Election candidate Sammy Wilson has praised the security services after a terrorist attack in London on Saturday.

Seven people died and dozens were injured in the atrocity which saw terrorists use a van to mow down members of the public on London Bridge.

The Facebook post made by Mark Cooper.

The Facebook post made by Mark Cooper.

Three men, armed with knives, got out of the vehicle and ran the short distance to Borough Market where they stabbed several people.

Police believe the incident began at 9:58pm, with the first calls being made to the emergency services at 10:08pm.

The attackers were shot dead by officers in what police declared to be a terrorist incident.

Speaking to the Times, Mr Wilson said: “The security services should be commended for their bravery as they put themselves in danger while apprehending these deranged murderers.”

The DUP representative also addressed comments made on social media by a prominent supporter of the party in the wake of the attack.

Mark Cooper, who endorsed Mr Wilson’s nomination ahead of this week’s General Election, made the contentious comments in a post on Facebook in the early hours of Sunday.

The Monkstown man said: “Enough is enough. No more hashtags, no more profile changing, no more lighting candles. You can’t negotiate with those who want to eradicate your way of life. Wipe them out and get them out of the United Kingdom.

“Enoch Powell was right ‘British blood would run in our streets.’ (GB) people laughed at him and mocked him. But of course he was right and it all fell on deaf ears!”

He added: “We need a leader with a backbone to stand up against these low life scum of the earth. Send the troops and security services to wipe the lot out once and for all!

“I’m sick of liberal/Labour ‘free the world’ comments who think that the world is all butterflies, rainbows and bunny rabbits! You lot are crippling us with your stupidity!”

In response to the comments, Sammy Wilson added: “I don’t think you can describe the people who carried this out as anything other than scum. To drive into innocent people and tourists and start stabbing them- they are lowlifes.

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time Enoch Powell’s predictions have come to pass in the UK, with this being the third time in recent months.

“I have Muslim friends who are proud to live in the UK and who are appalled at these recent attacks.”