Cross-border hospital to benefit from Newtownabbey Rotary Club donation

The cheque presentation to Daniel O'Reilly.
The cheque presentation to Daniel O'Reilly.

Over £1,000 has been raised to support the refurbishment of a bedroom at a leading paediatric hospital in the Republic of Ireland.

The money was raised through an initiative led by Newtownabbey Rotary Club.

A cheque to the value of £1,200 was recently presented to Daniel O’Reilly - Rotary Club Monaghan, who is the Rotary District Officer for Project ‘Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin.’ The money will aid the refurbishment project.

The much-needed funds will help to refurbish a family bedroom in the Parents Accommodation Unit which consists of 48 rooms at Ireland’s largest paediatric hospital.

The hospital is a cross-border hospital, providing life-saving treatments for some of Northern Ireland’s and the Republic of Ireland’s sickest babies and small children.

The hospital is located in Crumlin, Dublin, and is the national centre in Ireland for a range of specialities including children’s childhood cancers and blood disorders, cardiac diseases, major burns, cystic fibrosis, clinical genetics and rheumatology