Cyclists urged to film offending motorists

Some members of Kilbride Cyclists who were joined by the PSNI on a recent club ride.
Some members of Kilbride Cyclists who were joined by the PSNI on a recent club ride.

Police officers joined Kilbride Cyclists for the club’s weekly cycle ride as part of the PSNI ‘See the Cyclist’ campaign recently.

A plain clothes police officer from Belfast Central NPT changed into his cycling gear and rode with the Kilbride members on their club run from Kilbride to Randalstown.

Camera logo.

Camera logo.

During the ride, motorist behaviour was monitored by wearing a cycle camera which recorded traffic movements around the Kilbride group.

When a motorist displayed potentially dangerous driving or failed to allow adequate space when passing the cyclists, the officer was able to radio ahead to a uniformed motorcycle colleague who then stopped the car and offered appropriate advice to the motorist.

The PSNI is encouraging all cyclists who are members of local cycling clubs to both wear a camera logo badge, to let motorists know that their vehicle movements may be being recorded, and to use special bicycle mounted cameras to record any close-pass incidents.

This provides evidence which can then be shared with the police and used by the PSNI or in court.

Club Secretary, Euel Agnew, said, “In light of recent fatal accidents involving cyclists we were delighted when the PSNI introduced its “‘See the Cyclist” campaign and quickly extended an invitation to visit the club. For cyclists, the key message from the visit was that we should do all we can to be seen by other road users, and in particular, that we should wear visible contrasting clothing; use lights at all times; · ride in an orderly manner and allow a 1.5 metre passing distance

The PSNI states that the accepted minimum safe distance a motorist should allow between their vehicle and a cyclist on the road is 1.5metres, but unfortunately many drivers are falling far short of this safety requirement.

Euel added: “Almost without exception, the members of Kilbride Cyclists are both motorists and cyclists and we are keen to do our part working with the PSNI to prevent accidents.”