Decrease in anti-social behaviour in Glengormley thanks to joint action, say police

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Police say collaboration with community groups and businesses led to less anti-social behaviour in Glengormley over the marching season.

Antrim and Newtownabbey Chief Superintendant Emma Bond said that the situation was “continuing to improve year on year” as a result of greater engagement.

“This year was such a big year for both sides of the community in terms of commemorations, we had no issues over Easter and that’s how it played out across the board so we are hopeful that the progress that has been made will continue,” she revealed.

Chief Inspector Arthur Davidson said that one reason for the improvement was the direct engagement between the PCSP and businesses such as McDonald’s, Sports Bowl, Henderson’s and Winemark.

“McDonald’s were issuing banning orders for kids and being proactive regarding the early identification of anti-social behaviour,” he explained.

“The council CCTV was also very good there and we were proactive regarding investigations.

“The PCSP sent letters to parents where kids came to our attention regarding anti-social behaviour and a lot of early low level intervention was received positively and a lot of them have not come to our attention since.

“There have been a lot of joint initiatives with the PCSP like the Youth Zone initiative and Brighter Nights which are great to engage kids during those times where they might get up to mischief. The feedback has been positive.

It’s not a question of resting on our laurels,” he concluded.