Dedication service held for Hazelwood Integrated chaplaincy

Hazelwood Integrated College Chaplain, Rev Trevor Kelly. INNT 02-812CON
Hazelwood Integrated College Chaplain, Rev Trevor Kelly. INNT 02-812CON

A new chaplaincy was opened on Tuesday, January 12 at Hazelwood Integrated College, at a special service of dedication.

The service was attended by a large number of senior clergy, including Bishop Alan Abernethy.

Speaking about the opening of the new chaplaincy, Rev Trevor Kelly said: “In Northern Ireland religion has often been used for politics. However, the reality is that Christ teaches us to be one.

“Spiritual growth of the individual child is more likely to come when we move beyond what makes us different as individuals and focus on looking at what should unify us: God’s purpose on our lives. 

“For this to happen Religious Education must be effective in the classroom through producing high standards of work and by being accepted by the pupils as a serious academic subject. This is the case in Hazelwood College. 

“However, at the same time it is important to look at the whole person when it comes to the pupil’s spiritual development outside the classroom.

“Through the support of the chaplaincy in Hazelwood College I believe this opportunity will exist for our children.

“For this to happen there must be a strong relationship between the College, the home and the community so that each can work in partnership to encourage the development of our young students.

“The ethos of our new chaplaincy therefore is one in which there will be a partnership between the staff, pupils and the outside community such as that of charities, churches and other groups.

“I am extremely grateful for all of the individual clergy and other members of the churches who have given up their time to help us establish our chaplaincy here at Hazelwood.”