DHL staff hold protest over jobs uncertainty

Staff protest outside the DHL warehouse in Mallusk.
Staff protest outside the DHL warehouse in Mallusk.

STAFF at the Marks & Spencer distribution centre in Mallusk have held a protest demonstration over what they claim to be ‘a lack of clarity about the future of their jobs’.

The staff, who are employed by logistics company DHL, said management have refused to address fears they have about possible job losses.

Shop Steward Oliver Kelly from Unite union.

Shop Steward Oliver Kelly from Unite union.

Staff said there was an “ambiguity” over the security of their jobs because of a reduction in work at the distribution centre and job cuts happening in other locations across the UK.

It is thought that around 300 people work at the Mallusk Road site and on Wednesday, August 1, staff staged a demonstration to voice their anger at their employers.

Shop Steward, Oliver Kelly from the Unite union (pictured inset), said: “The workload at the site has been dropping significantly and workers that leave are being replaced by agency staff.

“There is real concern among the staff about the future of their jobs.

“Any talks we have tried to have with the management have been met with ambiguity, when all we are asking for is clarity over what is happening.”

He added: “In the past we have supported and co-operated with changes to the working patterns and are flexible to change.

“There have been changes at other centres across Britain and it looks like the same could happen here.

“The majority of the staff are all on an average wage and we are not asking for much. We deserve to be informed about what is happening - and so does the community.

“We are just looking for DHL to recognise the position we are in and engage in the proper consultation.”

A spokesman for DHL said: “The business was disappointed with the unplanned demonstration at Hydepark last week and has always been willing to arrange a meeting with representatives to discuss their specific concerns.”

A spokesman for Marks & Spencer said: “We are aware of the union activity on site and are working closely with our partner DHL on the issue.”