‘Different is not always wrong’

Catherine Campbell has had her two books, 'Under the Rainbow' and 'Rainbows for Rainy Days' republished by Monarch. INNT 30-611con
Catherine Campbell has had her two books, 'Under the Rainbow' and 'Rainbows for Rainy Days' republished by Monarch. INNT 30-611con

A former Rathcoole nurse is retelling the story of life with her two profoundly disabled daughters in a reprint of her first book.

Under the Rainbow tells the story of Catherine Campbell and her life with daughters Cheryl and Joy.

Re-published last month, it’s Catherine’s first book in her collection of four works and follows on from the republication of her collection of verses Rainbows for Rainy Days.

“It’s my journey as a mother with two daughters with severe learning difficulties and also about returning to my spiritual life,” said Catherine.

“It deals with all the anger that I felt during what was a 20 year period of my life and all the questions that I had at the time.

“It was incredibly difficult hearing that your child is not going to be able to walk properly, talk or even see. My whole family were devastated.

“At first I thought that it was a disaster but I very quickly realised that every life has worth and this was my family life.”

Cheryl and Joy, both attended Hill Croft School. Cheryl passed away at the age of 10 in 1989 and Joy aged 13 in 1999.

Catherine continued: “This is a Christian book dealing with my journey and how I came to accept the fact that just because it is different, doesn’t mean it is always wrong.

“Cheryl and Joy were very special children. Both helped launch the Hospice building in Glengormley. Although Cheryl was not around for its opening she helped inspire the idea and Joy was one of the children who helped open it.

“The whole journey with Cheryl and Joy really helped me and my family to find God.”

Catherine continued: “I didn’t write the book for any reason, it was not a cathartic process. I was asked if I would contribute my story to a chapter for someone else’s book and I refused, I just thought it needed more than a chapter.

“I didn’t keep a journal as such, but I did have a little red book of poems and bible verses that I used to help myself.

“All my books deal with suffering in some way, but by looking at things in a different way and seeing that God is there to help.

“People have been very receptive of the book. I don’t gloss over the details, it is very raw and emotional. People have said they have been touched by it.

Catherine is former Nurse and now lives in Coleraine with husband Philip while son Paul and her parents still live in the borough.

She added: “I am privileged that my publisher has wanted to take on the book and reprint it and hopefully it will reach out to a wider audience.”

Published by Monarch, Under the Rainbow is available from Christian bookshops, Amazon and www.catherine-campbell.com.