Dirty nappies discarded at children’s play park

Used nappies had been discarded in the park.
Used nappies had been discarded in the park.

Pupils from a local primary school had an unpleasant experience today as they had to negotiate around dirty nappies and rubbish at a play park.

Students from Mallusk Integrated Primary School had gone on a trip to the nearby William Morrison Play Park to enjoy the good weather this morning.

However, they found used nappies and other litter when they arrived at the play area.

Speaking to the Newtownabbey Times, Principal, Mrs Susanne Kinsella said: “There were several dirty nappies and it was littered with used wipes.

“There were also juice cartons everywhere. This is quite unusual. The children use the park occasionally for Golden Time, as a reward for great work and behaviour.

“It was very unpleasant today.”

Responding to a query on the issue, a spokesperson for Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council said the area would be cleaned today.

The spokesperson said: “The council were not made aware of this litter and no complaints have been received.

“However, we will aim to clean this area today.

“The council would encourage everyone in the community to be respectful of their parks and open spaces and take their litter home with them.

“Littering can also be reported by using the ReportAll app.”