‘Disused quarries are not playgrounds’

Environment Minister Alex Attwood has appealed for a summer effort by the public, especially teenagers, to stay away from disused quarries.

Following a number of deaths and serious injuries at disused quarries, Mr Attwood has launched the ‘Stay Out! Stay Safe!’campaign to highlight the dangers of swimming in disused quarries.

“Disused quarries are not playgrounds. They are not places to explore. I cannot emphasise enough that everyone, adults, teenagers and children must stay away. Quarries are no go areas,” he commented.

The privately owned Craighill quarry in Ballyclare is already fenced off, but as an added deterrent the council will be erecting signs at the site to highlight the potential dangers to members of the public.

For more information about the ‘Stay Out! Stay Safe!’ campaign log on to www.doeni.gov.uk