Doagh couple lose out on £1million

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DOAGH couple Neal and Suzi Kennedy returned to their day jobs and relative normality this week despite having lost £1 million.

The couple were handed the cash during the Channel 4 game show, ‘The Million Pound Drop Live’.

The show, hosted by telly favourite Davina McCall and watched by millions, sees contestants gamble the money on a series of eight multiple-choice questions.

Neal (32) and Suzi (27) first appeared two weeks ago and made it through to the final two questions with £175,000 still remaining of the initial million before time ran out on the show.

Both teachers – Neal at Carrick Grammar and Suzi at Newtownabbey Community High – faced an agonising wait until Friday to return to the TV set in London, only to leave empty-handed after losing out on the final question.