‘Doagh parking problems must be resolved’

David Ford MLA.
David Ford MLA.

South Antrim MLA David Ford has called for talks between TransportNI officials and business owners in Doagh about introducing parking restrictions in the village.

After speaking with local residents, Mr Ford said the time has come to deal with the long-running traffic congestion problem in the area once and for all.

“We have a high level of congestion at the school and around the petrol station which is causing real problems for residents trying to get around the village on the commute to and from work,” Mr Ford said.

“I have spoken to TransportNI who agree that the problem needs solved, but regret that they have come up against opposition from local traders.”

The Alliance leader continued: “I encourage all traders to speak with TransportNI and contribute to the development of plans to deal with the parking issue. This solution does not have to be heavy fines throughout the day, but merely restrictions at the busiest times.

“The overall issue of congestion would be less prevalent if a relief road was completed around Ballyclare. This would direct through traffic away from the area and end the heavy congestion at rush hour, which impacts on the surrounding area.”