Dodds welcomes Secretary of State’s rejection of calls for border poll

Nigel Dodds MP
Nigel Dodds MP

North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds has welcomed the new Secretary of State for Northern Ireland’s rejection of Sinn Fein’s call to hold a border poll in the wake of the EU referendum result.

Responding to a question from the DUP Westminster leader, James Brokenshire said there was “no need for a border poll.”

Commenting after Northern Ireland Questions in the House of Commons, Mr Dodds said the Secretary of State had proved “he is in line with the thinking of the overwhelming majority of people in Northern Ireland.”

“Poll after poll has proven a clear majority from all communities, traditions and backgrounds actively support Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom,” Mr Dodds continued.

“The fantasy economics of Sinn Fein in recent months have been clear to see, on the one hand calling for our continued membership of the EU which hinders economic growth, whilst at the same time wanting Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom, a move which would be financially catastrophic.”

Mr Dodds stressed that he and his colleagues would “continue the work of providing strong leadership to ensure a better and brighter future for everyone in Northern Ireland.”