‘Dog fouling problem is getting worse’

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A BALLYCLARE councillor has claimed that the town’s dog fouling problem is getting worse.

Despite a recent ‘Clean Up or Pay Up’ crackdown launched by Newtownabbey Borough Council, Alliance representative Pat McCudden says more and more irresponsible dog owners are failing to clean up after their pets.

Claiming that the problem is particularly bad on footpaths in the Green Road, Craighill and Doagh Road areas of the town, he commented: “The problem of dog fouling seems to be on the increase in Ballyclare, despite the council’s best efforts.

“I know a lot of people clean up after their dogs and use the dog foul bins, but there are still too many irresponsible pet owners who aren’t heeding the Clean Up or Pay Up message and we need to take a tougher line with them.

“I would encourage people to report offenders by calling the council’s enforcement officers on 9034 0160, and to report areas where dog mess is a problem so that the cleansing department can go out and clean it up.”

Dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets can be hit with fixed penalty fines, or even face court action.