Dog owners urged not to let their pets stray onto farmland

A Kilwaughter farmer has appealed to dog owners in Ballyclare to make sure their pets aren’t straying into fields and worrying sheep.

Matt Gingles (70), who keeps sheep on land at Ballycorr Road, just outside the town, said that several of his animals have been killed over the past few weeks.

“I’ve been farming all my life so I’ve seen the like of this before, but not in a good while,” he told the Times.

“I had two sheep worried dead and several others injured three weeks ago, and this week there were three more worried dead and a lot more injured. It can’t go on.”

Mr Gingles urged pet owners in the Ballycorr Road area not to let their dogs stray onto farmland.

“Put it like this, if I catch a dog in my field worrying my sheep, the dog won’t get out again,” he added.