Don’t be fooled by cold callers

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POLICE in Newtownabbey are advising people to be wary of cold calls from individuals offering them assistance in reclaiming ‘government money’ allegedly owed to them

Officers have become aware that some residents have received calls from people claiming to represent various government departments or agencies, including the Ministry of Justice and Office of Fair Trading, advising that a large amount of money is owed to them. The residents are asked to provide bank details before being asked to visit specified shops and supermarkets to obtain vouchers that should then be sent on to allow the money to be released.

Police have determined that the callers have no connection with the Ministry of Justice, the Office of Fair Trading or any other government organisation.

“Officers advise that you never give your personal details to a cold caller and never part with money ‘up front’ irrespective of what you’re told you will receive afterwards. No government body would ever call asking for personal bank details, offer money back on bank charges, credit card charges, mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance or ask you to buy vouchers to claim ‘your’ money,” a PSNI spokesperson said.

Anyone who suspects they may have been a victim of a similar fraud should contact police immediately on 0845 600 8000.