Don’t make life easy for burglars

POLICE have reminded householders of the importance of having a good home security regime to protect against burglary.

The warning comes after it emerged that 63.6 per cent (14 out of 22) of all creeper burglaries recorded in D District between January 1 and April 29 where at properties where the doors and windows had been left open or unlocked.

In Newtownabbey the figure was 77.8 per cent, equating to seven of the nine creeper burglaries reported to police in the area during the four-month period.

“Police would advise that householders establish a regular security regime and make it part of their regular routine before bed or before leaving the home,” a PSNI spokesperson said.

Crime prevention advice is available from the Crime Prevention Officer at Newtownabbey Station on 0845 600 8000.