‘Don’t use New Mossley as a dumping ground’

Jack Shaw on the site of the New Mossley bonfire. INNT 08-019-FP
Jack Shaw on the site of the New Mossley bonfire. INNT 08-019-FP

NEW MOSSLEY Community Group chairman and PUP representative Jack Shaw has urged people not to dump rubbish on the estate’s bonfire site.

The call comes after the residents hit out at hundreds of tyres and wooden pallets were dumped on the green at Manse Way - five months before the annual eleventh night bonfire.

Other household rubbish materials including a mattress and a sofa have also been dumped on the site just yards away from Hill Croft and Earlview schools.

A number of residents have contacted the Times to voice their disgust at the material being dumped on the site and how early the collection has begun.

The Housing Executive which owns the site has said it is working with other agencies and the community to address the issue.

Jack Shaw, chairman of the residents’ group and Progressive Unionist Party representative urged people not to dump materials on the site.

He said: “I have been working with the bonfire builders about this issue. They understand that there are residents that object to it and we are working with dealing with what is there. They are listening.

“They were understanding about the funeral of the police officer passing the site and cleared it in response and that was a good gesture from them.

“To take the tyres away, I believe, is not realistic this year.

“But we are working at addressing concerns, as well as how early they start collecting and maybe next year things will be more manageable.

“Those that build the bonfire feel there is attempts being made to get rid of it altogether and they see it as part of their culture.

He added: “I would urge people not dump materials on the site, especially tyres and building materials.

“People are profiting from it and it is not right at all, it’s terrible, but the PUP is on the ground working to address the concerns of everybody.

“I would also encourage people, should that have any concerns or problems to come to me in the community house.

“I am approachable and will listen to anyone’s problems,” said Mr Shaw.