Donate your unwanted books, CDs and DVDs to charity

NEARLY half of people from Northern Ireland (46 per cent) are now storing more of their books, music and films online according to new research from British Heart Foundation (BHF) Northern Ireland Shops, who are urging people to donate their unwanted hard copies this July.

Forty per cent of local people said they have over 200 books, CDs and DVDs lying around their homes, yet over one third admit they haven’t looked at any of these items recently. Some 45 per cent of local people say they are keen to get rid of these unwanted hard copies.

As part of the BIG Entertainment stock appeal this month, BHF Northern Ireland Shops are encouraging people to take a look through their collection and lose the things they don’t love any more. BHF Northern Ireland Shops love the things you bring and are always looking for saleable items of books, CDs and DVDs.

BHF Northern Ireland Area Manager, Michelle McIlwrath says: “If you haven’t touched your book collection for months or you’ve replaced your CDs with MP3s, it’s time to have a clear out and donate. BHF Northern Ireland Shops love the things you bring; your donations are the lifeblood of our local shops and every item will help us continue our lifesaving work.”

So delve into your collection, have a clear out, and play your part in the BIG Entertainment appeal today.

For more information and to locate your nearest BHF Northern Ireland Shop visit or call 0844 412 5000.